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Frequently asked questions

 How far does the transportation service handle?
Can I request a move?

ショーエイ倉庫We provide transportation services mainly within the area, but we will respond to anywhere in japan if you request customers. As for moving, we are not moving companies, so we cannot respond to requests. Thank you for your understanding.

 Is there anything that i don't handle in my luggage storage service?

There are the following things as things that cannot be placed.
Flora and fauna
Ultra-precision equipment
Valuables and expensive items
What can not be packed in cardboard (in our company, it is supposed to be packed and placed in cardboard)

 I'd like to reduce the cost of shipping, but is there any good way?

ショーエイ倉庫We put your costs first and offer a case-by-case transportation plan.
First, we will understand and analyze the current delivery status and identify improvements that can reduce costs. After that, we will offer you the right transportation service. If you are having trouble reducing the cost of transportation, please feel free to contact us.

Here, if there is an unknown point other than introduced,
Please feel free to contact us.

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