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2017February 7, 2008 : Organized productivity improvement seminar in trucking!
Ministry of land, infrastructure and transport to help trucking companies of the improvement in trading conditions and increased productivity
Seminars designed for trucking companies and shippers for 2/14 (Tuesday)
From the held in nine cities across the country.
In addition, prior to the 運送 事業者向け track "price negotiation expertise and hand but
Qu ', easier to understand business issues, such as 運送 委託者向け, together wit
The format will be published.

The trucking industry is an important industry of our people's lives and economic activities all
Lucky compared with industry, labor and minimum wage tends to be for a long time, from logistics to support
I'm experiencing difficult for the abduction.
To resolve the labor shortage,[1]Improvement of the business environment and[2]Efficiency of transport started.
And productivity is important. In the Ministry of land, infrastructure and transport,[1]To help track
運送 事業者向け "price negotiation know-how Handbook" and the 運送 委託者向け of
Created a leaflet drawn on issues involving the book. Also
[2]To support manual on productivity improvement in trucking
Including the contents of these productivity improvements in terms of the trucking companies
The measures will help to see in trucking productivity improvement seminar
-"The trucking companies and shippers is subject to 9 cities (Sapporo, Sendai, Tokyo, Japan
Niigata, Nagoya, Osaka, Hiroshima, Takamatsu, Fukuoka), will be held, so join us
The above-mentioned Handbook and leaflets published by the Ministry of land, infrastructure and transport.
Please take advantage will be.

* For more information, see link below.
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2017January 28, 2010 : On strengthen anti-drunk-driving by drivers of commercial motor vehicles
About the prevention of drunk driving by drivers of commercial motor vehicles ' commercial automobile integrated safety
Plan 2009 ","eradicate drunk driving (zero) goals for the participants
This is has been a concerted effort.
In the circumstances, especially officials pipe, drinking and driving incidents this year with unending
Considering that there is, on the prevention of drunk driving by drivers of commercial motor vehicles (flat
Chengdu 6/13/28 dated) and understanding to ensure the safety of commercial vehicles (0/2016 9
On March 21), just to prevent drunk driving awareness.
However, entered this year, Shizuoka Prefecture passenger carriers in the alcohol detection instrument
Periodic maintenance has not been performed to ensure that works fine alcohol detector
Incidents with crew in the State, cannot confirm whether or not the driver who wears fringe
After. In addition to Gifu bus operators in the drivers fear alcohol detection,
Fellow drivers experiencing incidents instead of alcohol, to be sailed and will
Such cases, safe, reliable transportation to the social mission of trucking business trust
Act significantly erode, and is extremely regrettable.
Exploding car carrier again, recognized the gravity of their responsibility, as well as
In use the following article to prevent incidents such as the supervisor or driver affiliations
And in ensuring the implementation of measures relating to the prevention of drunk driving to ask.


HP Japan Trucking Association's drunk driving prevention countermeasure manual
From the download.

2016年12月17日 : Determination of the effective date of the partial revision of the road transport Act and the related Cabinet decision
Of the Act to amend the part of the road transport Act, the diet 1 month from the day of promulgation.
Within enforcement, will come into effect (business license renewal system non-implementation) of a Cabinet
On the matters specified by cabinet order under this Act, as well as to determine 12/20 required revision
you want to use.

(1) The effective date of the Act to amend the part of the road transport Act Cabinet
12/20/2016 the effective date of this Act.
Provisions relating to the introduction of the * business license renewal system, this term 4/2017 1
We are trying to come into force as from the day.

(2) Part of the road transport law enforcement revised
Paragraph 1 of article 38 of the road transport Act amended by this Act, General passenger car carrier (road
Except for scheduled flights to General passenger passenger motor carrier. ) Of the business suspension or waste
They were obliged to report a stop prior to 30 days ago.
Acceptance of notification of suspension of operations for transport supervision Department and the authority delegated to it by
That would increase the District Transport Bureau Transport Bureau Chief from the.

Date of publication: 12/16/2016 (Friday)
Effective date: 12/20/2016 (Tuesday)

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2016December, 10 pm : Automotive Office by end of the year concerning the transport of the new year's holiday safety overhaul news
To concentrate on people and logistics in the automotive Department of transport year-end and new year holidays the trucking
In order to improve safety through voluntary inspection by the business year to holiday transport, etc.
Determine the safety overhaul plan on, do the inspections the inspection status.

* For more information, see link below.
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2016December 3, 2010 : For the proper management of video recorders
By drive recorders were equipped with the cab rear-seat passengers have taken
The television aired footage of the incident has occurred, of appropriate
Information management related organizations rely on has been notified.

* For more information, see link below.
-> Http://www.mlit.go.jp/report/press/jidosha02_hh_000277.html

Our areas of expertise

 Cargo loading and unloading, installation, transportation

Consistently internally from carriage unloading, installation, the company deploys a always 10 or more unique as a Terminal company in Osaka Japan, are available.
Suitable for loading and unloading in a narrow place "2 t UNIC" and larger materials, can also accommodate large amounts of supplies "4t UNIC", we offer shipping according to the customer's request, crane work.

 Help reduce your company's costs

To reduce the costs for our customers as possible, and in a safe and secure transportation
This is our policy.
With respect to cost customers kindly request you to offer efficient transport form.

♦ reasons than rely on big deals
The company received orders in General, actual shipping ask subcontractors for each area.
Therefore, actual cost of subcontractors and minimal non-profits an intermediate margins for companies, will increase the burden on customers.
On the other hand, we are your direct dealings and will be quoted, so can present the appropriate price.
Cases not covered by the company, using the carrier's network, provides transportation services at low cost to customers.

♦ savings with carrying on case-by-case
Carrier fares have decided in the same way, easy to understand and affordable image may be held.
However, cost carriers to transport the loading condition of the luggage or the schedule, things differ significantly.
In our verbatim ensure cargo availability, consider stacked alignment (mixed) and other customers and freight volume adjustment. Reduce unnecessary shipping costs and offer the most low cost carriage way at any given time.
Overview of rates introduced on the fees page.
Only approximate amount but helpful.

Transportation available in the area

Kansai is, of course, the West is East Kyushu, Kanto, Northern Tohoku and Hokkaido, service range limit is something like not.
In all over the countryショーエイThe UNIC around.
However, please note that we cannot respond to overseas transport.
Carriage charges please fees.

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