Organized productivity improvement seminar in trucking!

Ministry of land, infrastructure and transport to help trucking companies of the improvement in trading conditions and increased productivity
Seminars designed for trucking companies and shippers for 2/14 (Tuesday)
From the held in nine cities across the country.
In addition, prior to the 運送 事業者向け track "price negotiation expertise and hand but
Qu ', easier to understand business issues, such as 運送 委託者向け, together wit
The format will be published.

The trucking industry is an important industry of our people's lives and economic activities all
Lucky compared with industry, labor and minimum wage tends to be for a long time, from logistics to support
I'm experiencing difficult for the abduction.
To resolve the labor shortage,[1]Improvement of the business environment and[2]Efficiency of transport started.
And productivity is important. In the Ministry of land, infrastructure and transport,[1]To help track
運送 事業者向け "price negotiation know-how Handbook" and the 運送 委託者向け of
Created a leaflet drawn on issues involving the book. Also
[2]To support manual on productivity improvement in trucking
Including the contents of these productivity improvements in terms of the trucking companies
The measures will help to see in trucking productivity improvement seminar
-"The trucking companies and shippers is subject to 9 cities (Sapporo, Sendai, Tokyo, Japan
Niigata, Nagoya, Osaka, Hiroshima, Takamatsu, Fukuoka), will be held, so join us
The above-mentioned Handbook and leaflets published by the Ministry of land, infrastructure and transport.
Please take advantage will be.

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