On strengthen anti-drunk-driving by drivers of commercial motor vehicles

About the prevention of drunk driving by drivers of commercial motor vehicles ' commercial automobile integrated safety
Plan 2009 ","eradicate drunk driving (zero) goals for the participants
This is has been a concerted effort.
In the circumstances, especially officials pipe, drinking and driving incidents this year with unending
Considering that there is, on the prevention of drunk driving by drivers of commercial motor vehicles (flat
Chengdu 6/13/28 dated) and understanding to ensure the safety of commercial vehicles (0/2016 9
On March 21), just to prevent drunk driving awareness.
However, entered this year, Shizuoka Prefecture passenger carriers in the alcohol detection instrument
Periodic maintenance has not been performed to ensure that works fine alcohol detector
Incidents with crew in the State, cannot confirm whether or not the driver who wears fringe
After. In addition to Gifu bus operators in the drivers fear alcohol detection,
Fellow drivers experiencing incidents instead of alcohol, to be sailed and will
Such cases, safe, reliable transportation to the social mission of trucking business trust
Act significantly erode, and is extremely regrettable.
Exploding car carrier again, recognized the gravity of their responsibility, as well as
In use the following article to prevent incidents such as the supervisor or driver affiliations
And in ensuring the implementation of measures relating to the prevention of drunk driving to ask.


HP Japan Trucking Association's drunk driving prevention countermeasure manual
From the download.