Determination of the effective date of the partial revision of the road transport Act and the related Cabinet decision

Of the Act to amend the part of the road transport Act, the diet 1 month from the day of promulgation.
Within enforcement, will come into effect (business license renewal system non-implementation) of a Cabinet
On the matters specified by cabinet order under this Act, as well as to determine 12/20 required revision
you want to use.

(1) The effective date of the Act to amend the part of the road transport Act Cabinet
12/20/2016 the effective date of this Act.
Provisions relating to the introduction of the * business license renewal system, this term 4/2017 1
We are trying to come into force as from the day.

(2) Part of the road transport law enforcement revised
Paragraph 1 of article 38 of the road transport Act amended by this Act, General passenger car carrier (road
Except for scheduled flights to General passenger passenger motor carrier. ) Of the business suspension or waste
They were obliged to report a stop prior to 30 days ago.
Acceptance of notification of suspension of operations for transport supervision Department and the authority delegated to it by
That would increase the District Transport Bureau Transport Bureau Chief from the.

Date of publication: 12/16/2016 (Friday)
Effective date: 12/20/2016 (Tuesday)

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