Fee guide

Luggage retrieval service charges

We offer luggage pieces in the headquarters warehouse.
1And pings are... reception from 4500 Yen 5 square meters.
Living storage restrictions, food items (what you needed temperature control), etc. for, please contact us.


For personal transportation and small crane service fee

♦ includes work with each model(Standard working time: 60 minutes)
♦ becomes only the above fare charged must occur due to local conditions, and other work(All applicable taxes)
♦ vehicle not listed in the price list according to the actual price variation. Please request a quote.
♦ high tolls, parking fees, reimbursement can be borne by the customer.

Delivery distance2t UNIC (excluding tax)2t flat body (excluding tax)

Carriage charges

2t UNIC price guide(30-Work)
30See quote contact: more work is required.
* Price is displayed. Tax will be charged.

 Osaka Prefecture

 Kyoto Prefecture

 Nara Prefecture

 Hyogo Prefecture

 Wakayama Prefecture

 Shiga Prefecture

♦ only limited transactions
First trade as long as the fees you pay by bank transfer or cash on delivery only to please.

Fuel surcharges

With the introduction of fuel surcharges separately from the usual fare, the method below will be charged to fuel surcharges.
This is system fuel surcharges, increase and decrease of costs due to rising fuel prices and falling to set as the 別建te fare.
If the current fuel prices fuel prices rise above a certain amount, to set fuel surcharges depending on the width of the rise or the revision, will be applied.
If, on the other hand, fell from the setting point of the fuel surcharge, and revised decrease according to its decline, will be also abolished this sedative if fuel prices.

♦ calculation
Fuel surcharge = (diesel fuel prices(1)-Base price(2)/L) x kilometers(3)/ Fuel consumption(4)
(1) diesel prices: monthly diesel fuel average purchase price per (1 L)
(2) base price: 65 yen per 1 L is a self-help effort will be calculated at 75 yen.
(3) kilometers: short distance (one way less than 200 km) for round-trip conversion will be.
Mileage based on the table as a national main road 粁 is determined.
(4) 4 t 4 km/l, 2-ton vehicle in car 6 km/l

Price on the other

♦ After-hours surcharge
Is the product into time or load wholesale time 38: 00.
♦ holiday(Closed on Sundays and public holidays)Extra charge
Is a work day on Sundays and public holidays.

♦ after delivery-on residues occurring after work
Had packed the cargo crates and cardboard if you adopt our ball, cushioning, according to the regulations of the municipality, will be charged the actual cost.

Please contact us for more information.
Regarding hanging due to shipping or other expenses in advance please let the inconvenience please understand.