Company Profile

Management philosophy

We are sincere trust from our customers goods,
With thanks to the safety and security and deliver to our customers.

We are proud and teamwork, we strive to improve the technology
Aiming at helping each other create a company filled with hopes and dreams,.

We can respond quickly to changes in age management talent,
Pursuing customer satisfaction and trust, and contribute to the development of the transportation industry.

Developed with customers, employees, and community
We want to grow along with the region from this, and thanks to our choice in a lot of information on the net to Rog. Please thank you.
See also pictures of my various hobbies, such as your time, please.
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Company information

2016The 2-ton flat-bodied cars in Maine, UNIC cars(2t short)And private vehicles, such as wing car total 17 and held, in the trucking business.
Also, we offer luggage pieces in the headquarters warehouse.


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