Introduction to services

Small freight

Small freight forwarding is the UNIC trusted transportation company『ショーエイ倉庫』(Osaka)The basic operations.
The company complies small cargo up to 4 t in Maine, transportation of construction materials.

 Small freight, such as building materials

♦ even small lots left!
Our job is to help carry to one small luggage. Consider such as masonry, the suggestions in the low-cost carrier. Regardless of the small lots, large lots, if the small cargo transportation please contact us.

♦ respond quickly to urgent request and loading the evening
"There at the site, the material becomes necessary! "Etc"for work in the morning, in the early morning delivery you want"is one of the charms of the company can respond flexibly to any case. With regard to requests relating to masonry evening, short delivery time, shipping date, we offer consultation.

♦ reduction via Terminal.
Ships from the region it would be greatly appreciated, to Terminal stop pick up luggage at the Terminal, will be delivered. For more information, please contact us.

 Transport flows


Spot trucking, dedicated transportation

 Spot trucking

♦ respond to evening piling
If you need a luggage first thing the next morning, in the evening, will respond. Delivery service during the night in time to start on the next morning, ago the day prior to loading. Please also ask for masonry evening do not hesitate.

 Exclusive transportation

♦ exclusive carrier benefits
If you need an ongoing carriage spot carrying more than exclusive carriage you have requested better becomes cheaper. In addition, to minimize transportation costs, reduce expenses, such as maintenance costs, cost to transport hard premises troubles if we'd love to have more.
In the same shipping address, if other than carriage, including loading and unloading, installation work is our go smoothly.

♦ reduction in half-exclusive
Fewer businesses requesting an exclusive carrier, time is short, half-exclusive is recommended.
For example, only in the morning or afternoon and the week in the form of various exclusive one day only, such as meet, so please feel free to contact.

Mixed (stacked alignment)

"Anyway shipping cost down", which we will uniform your thoughts.
Unique and reliable carrier『ショーエイ倉庫』(Osaka), offer mixed (stacked alignment) as one of the ways of cost for transportation.

 And consolidation?

♦ consolidation of sea freight
When carrying cargo far away, it is also possible to mediation of the mixing by sea transportation. Using our unique network, we confirm the available information of the containers loaded on the ship, and then decide the delivery date. Of course, we carry it to the port and load it. In some cases, airlift is also available, so please feel free to ask for transportation to distant areas.

♦ transport costs reduced even small lot
If you ship a truck with only your shipment, you will be charged for one truck, regardless of the size of the package. In that case, if you consider mixing with other luggage, you will be possible to significantly lower the fare. If you understand even a slight schedule adjustment, you can ask for a small lot of cargo with confidence.

Small crane work

『ショーエイ倉庫』(Osaka), using a small crane (UNIC) transport during construction, mounted on trucks, installation until we follow firm from the loading and unloading of luggage. If you prefer, UNIC and trust company that provides smooth delivery to site, certain small crane work『ショーエイ倉庫』Please leave it to us!

 47Years of experience, safe crane technology

Small crane work for individuals
We also accept small crane work requests from individuals, such as loading and unloading large packages that cannot be requested by courier.

Cost reduction with remote control crane
In the past, when operating a crane, it was necessary to have a watcher standing outside in addition to the driver.
However, by introducing a remote control crane, it became possible to load and unload the driver alone. We have reduced the labor costs of our customers so far, reducing the burden on our customers and providing reliable work.

"Transportation and small crane service" for individuals

We have started transportation and relocation services for individuals!
Unique and reliable carrier『ショーエイ倉庫』In Osaka, we also accept requests for transportation and small crane work from individuals.
Do you have any requests for luggage transport, such as "I want to relocate large refrigerators that are no longer needed by fewer families to children's homes"?
Using a yunic equipped with a small crane, you can consistently leave everything from unloading to transportation and loading.

 Examples of corresponding luggage

Luggage storage service

Yunic and the Carrier of Trust『ショーエイ倉庫』(Osaka) has its own warehouse at its head office in Kadoma City. It is possible to keep your package requested by the customer for a certain period of time and deliver it on the scheduled date.

 ショーエイStored in a warehouse

Storage fee
The storage fee for your luggage is charged on a daily basis of 10 days. The amount of money depends on the amount and size, so please contact us for more information.
If you would like to know the general guidelines, please refer to the price guide.