Our initiatives

Initiatives relating to transportation safety management

♦ guiding principles
Safe transport each and conscious to be the greatest social contributions, employees strive to improve the safety of transport.

♦ basic policy on transport safety
To enforce top management recognizes that the maximum contribution of the stable social order, ensuring transport safety is a core of business management and, most important is ensuring the safe transport for employees, as well as play a leading role to ensure the safe transport of internal sense.

♦ specific measures for transport safety
1. Raising awareness of the importance of safe transport to ensure.
2. Priority measures should be implemented to determine set goals and objectives for all employees, work.
3. Conduct, safety management to ensure and to comply with relevant laws and regulations, safety regulations, always strives to ensure the safe transport.
4. Establish a system for information about the safe transport, transfer and sharing information in-house.
5. Proactive disclosure and safe transport policy is timely review.

♦ plan for transport safety
Enough drivers with top management and operation managers, bi-directional communication allows transportation safety information is communicated in a timely company and strive to be shared. Also, or tolerate, if it found a damaging safety, without hiding or communicated immediately to the parties concerned, take appropriate measures to deal with.

♦ internal audits on transport safety
Set to check as Chief implementation safety management assessment is responsible for the safety of transport, who are nominated by themselves or safety officer, at least once per year or more, at the right time, to carry out internal audits concerning the safety of the transport.
Also, in the event of a serious accident or disaster or similar accidents that occur repeatedly and other particular needs and are deemed urgent implementing internal audit of transportation safety.

Urgent matters should improve as a result termination of internal audit is responsible for the safety of transport, if considers measures necessary to ensure the safety of transportation, along with its contents, immediately report to top management needed for the time being, necessary corrective or preventive actions to take.

If you caused the accident due to the egregious violations of laws and regulations are the safety measures when necessary, take measures to ensure the safety of the advanced further than the current matters.

♦ record the details and March 24-year implementation of transportation safety management

(1) on March 26th annual safety targets and plans
5/2014 tire seminars conducted
7/2014 near-miss report meeting
0/2014 9-health examination execution and implementation training about sleep and fatigue
11/2014 safety hygiene training course scheduled
(Will be updated)

(2) occurrence of Heisei 26 accident on our
Goal 0
Actual traffic violation
(Will be updated)

Our commitment to environmental issues

♦ compliance with the automobile NOx and PM law
Nitrogen oxides emission from motor vehicles and the NOx and PM law(NOx)And particulate(PM)And, for the air pollution improvement measures.
We are committed to the improvement of social responsibility as a company, such as the eco-introduction of low environmental impact study, not only to use the vehicles meet the emissions standards in our country and countermeasures equipment.

♦ Eco-drive
It is one of the duties of employee education on the environment is important.
Promote low fuel consumption driving to, especially as an eco-driving, reduce useless 空fukashi, idling and impulsively, and sudden stops.
We think we want to start from realizing the environment even in the little things, even a little.